Slavery Is Over!

Hi Family!

In Love of Life…I would just like to say that Slavery is Over! That’s right, physical, emotional, mental, and psychological slavery is over. This means that we have a huge responsibility to ourselves, our families, our communities, our colleagues, our friends, and our foe to fully commit to living, surviving and improving our individual and collective lives. I am awestruck that every other ethnicity and culture finds our (Americans and Especially African Americans) characteristics, attributes and SWAG so alluring and inviting that they copy, clone and replicate who we are on a multitude of levels. From our skin tone, to our hair, to our music, attire, speech and artistic embodiment, so why is it so easy for others to see the value in US but US? We’ve had these conversations, seen the proof and still take absolutely no pride in who we are, what we are, how it has impacted the world and the potential to continue to elevate OUR greatness. Our Maker is patient… and I only question if we are so deserving of such GRACE.

We minimize who we are in crime, lack of education, lack of cohesiveness, lack of priorities, lack of understanding, lack of duty and lack of initiative. WE act as if someone is responsible for giving us what our Maker has already given us. WE are all born with what we need and I think it is not only a disgrace but a heartbreaking travesty that WE do not pursue LIFE and LIVING to the fullest.

What’s wrong…? Why hide…? What do you need that is not accessible…??? What are YOU doing to capture and secure what you need from people, jobs, relationships, communities????

Think about it… It’s your children, husbands, wives, colleagues, grandmothers, friends, neighbors???? What are you contributing…??? What are you taking…??? Who is it impacting…??? Why is this okay…???

You are FREE to make HEALTHY, conscious choices, decisions, considerations and the only punishment, debasement, flogging, hindrances, tightropes that exist are the ones YOU CHOOSE to impose upon yourself, your families and your external communities! YOU ARE FREE… MAN or WOMAN to love, learn, seek, pay, give, and receive in a positive, appropriate and painless way…!!! What choices will you choose as the FREE Embodiment of human life that you represent!

With Love of Life I ask…


Family First, Second & Last!

Well Hello There Family!

It is of course a pleasure to be in your presence again. I know there’s a litany of activities and transitions occurring now that the sun and the heat have arrived. This is all the more reason why I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on a very important topic. Let’s contemplate, just for a minute, the importance of our foundation, our families. For me and most, family is the cornerstone, foundation, support and Saving Grace, if we are fortunate.

So, while we immerse ourselves in summer festivities, travels, dreams and plans… consider your impact on and within your family. Consider if you have given enough, given graciously, given genuinely, given fairly and/or given too much. Think more about the important, memorable and positive and comforting gifts that we have the ability to offer each other as family. However I urge you to proceed honestly and openly for this is no small feat. How we give and receive within our families is pivotal to our health and well-being. Our ability to give and receive with love of and for life should always be honored. The considerations below may help to encourage, inspire and support your family as we all experience change, growth during moments of uncertainty! 

First, Second and Last Family Commandments

• Be concerned about the existence and safety of your family members.
• Speak and guide them with truth and compassion and try to do no harm.
• Understand that none of us are perfect; we are all human and subject to err.
• Treat family as humans, it’s the only true form of equality regardless of hierarchy or status.
• Try not to use superiority as a means to preserve yourself or your motives.
• Be and do your very best; it makes it so much easier for the rest.
• Try to be honest about pains, challenges, disappointments, etc., it only festers and eats away at your foundation. Seek resolution and progression through these incidents otherwise it’s futile.
• Don’t stifle yours or any other family members’ successes, achievements, interests and empowerment.
• Don’t unnecessarily use or take from your family; do as much as you can to meet your own need.
• Be not afraid of challenges, successes and even revolts; these all denote the need for change.
• Use your positive and negative experiences to teach, uplift, guide and sustain your family.
• Invest in your family, with time, love, care, positive energy and positive people. This does not always require money or materials.

Times are very harsh for a lot of us. They require us to be versatile, flexible and as such, as original as possible. So use resources that are available to help your families. Ask for help to avoid suffering, bitterness and feeling disempowered. Be realistic about your knowledge, awareness and contributions to the welfare of your family. Supervise and protect your families the best ways that you can and if you are uncertain of what family safety is…ask someone. Share your knowledge, understanding and patience. If these are not the important things to you and your family then what are? Our lives are being intricately woven into stories that reflect us as a family whether it be in our homes, at our jobs or in society and I for one am intent on positively contributing to my family and having my say.

To you, I say this in Love of Life.

 “If life is to be sustained hope must remain, even where confidence is wounded, trust impaired.” ~ Erik H. Erikson