Parental Rites of Passage

Initials:  CL           Age:    40            Place of Residence: WDC

 1.  Does your child(ren) reside with you? 


 2.     Use three words to describe your relationship with your child(ren). 

           Rewarding, Challenging and Special.

 3.     What’s one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make as a parent; did you regret it and if so, why?

           Just basically putting my son in his place, when he  says something that he has no knowledge of, when it comes to me and his mother(can`t tell him everything now).    

 4.     From your perspective as a provider and/or participant, identify three primary hindrances in engaging with human/social service providers?   

          Some of them(Agencies) have lost touch, with their community, the whole political part of the System, makes it hard to engage the people you work with on a personal roll up your sleeve kind of way(it`s almost stand- offish).  

5.     List three ways in which human/social service agencies could improve services to children and families?    

          Design programs geared for/to the child, within their agency, have a kids panel, that comes up with ideas for the youth in their area and make it worth the worker’s while to interact with the kids in their personal neighborhoods(kids coming into the office for computer usage, kids panel, etc..)  

 6.     Identify three primary results of negative human/social services with regard to family engagement?

          The worker being judgmental, not listening to the family and the worker using power over instead of shared power.


Initials:     EA             Age:    43                    Place of Residence:  MD

 1.  Does your child(ren) reside with you?

       No, my children reside with their mothers.

 2.  As a parent, what are three of your weakest traits?

     As a parent, one of my weakest traits I would have to say is not telling my children no when he/she wants something.  Then the next would be sometimes letting he/she get away with something and the third would have to be being more of a parent then trying to be their friend.

3.  How do you consider yourself to be supportive of your child(ren)?

        I consider myself a supportive parent because I am always encouraging my children that he/she can achieve anything if  they put their minds to it to ensure to them that there is no such thing as I can’t because if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

4.  Married, single, separated and/or divorced, do you consider co-parenting challenging, why or why not?

      C0-parenting can be challenging because you want to help the child(ren) deal with all the changes that are happening when their parents are no longer together so this could become a challenge because you don’t want them to feel that there is going to be a big change in their lives too much.  The most important thing of all is to have a parenting relationship with the other parent.

 5.  Name one of your most difficult realizations as a parent?

       One of my most difficult realizations as a parent would have to be as you watch your children grow up you come to realizations that your child is going  to become an adult one day and you as a parent you going to have to allow them to make their own decision as an adult and you may not like the decisions that they make but that’s all in part of them becoming an adult.

6.  From your perspective as a participant, identify three primary hindrances in engaging with human/social service providers?

      Three primary hindrances in engaging with human/social service providers would be if the provider didn’t seem as they were taking the time with my case like they should.  Another reason for me would be the providers not returning your call in the matter which they should or a provider could be just not giving me the information I need that I feel they should know. 

7.  List three ways in which human/social service agencies could improve services to children and families?

       Social service agencies could improve their services by making sure that all the clients information is up to date such addresses, telephone numbers etc., are current with the clients files.  Also ensure that child(ren) is getting the proper education making sure they are enrolled in school.  I feel they should also ensure as well about their health care benefits are up to date.


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