April Flowers Bring May Showers!

Glorious Greetings Family! 

Yes, I’ve been gone for a minute now for good reasons and with great intentions.  I have had an exciting journey since we last communicated.  It’s been almost a year and so much has happened that has changed my life and the lives of those around me.  While I will refrain from boring you with the details, I will say that I’ve become a grandmamma, published author, worried daughter, website developer, photographer, and promoter!  This year has been extremely rewarding to me as a woman, parent and professional.  As I continue to grow, I become more aware of not just the things I want in Life and Love, but more importantly, the things that I don’t.  I’ll be promoting love and banishing negativity! 

So this year, I will be featuring my Life and Love Series here at Clinically Speaking, for our showers definitely create flowers of blessings.  As my blog is focused on the pleasures, perils and passions of human and social services, you will continue to get major resources, updates and information about changes, developments and outcomes.  As such, I’ll be including feature stories of events, people and places that speak to growth and development.  I would like for us to create a communication forum about the Love of Life and how what WE put into life determines what WE ALL get out of life.  So, I hope you will all join me in yet another journey, adventure and exploration for truth, love and happiness!!!

 As Always,

Peace and Infinite Blessings… KJ

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Family: True Love

Greetings Family!

 Please pardon my delayed May post, but there was so much that I enjoyed, saw, and experienced that required recognition and processing.  Read on and hopefully you’ll understand!

In its own right, May was and is a rather auspicious and sentimental month.  It is a non-stop month of celebration.  Don’t take my word for it, Google or Bing it.  You’ll find a host of fests, holidays and engagements that all emphasize birth, healing, service and renewal.  May is only the proud sponsor of Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, the Virgin Mary, International Nurses Day, Cinco de Mayo, Labor and Liberation Day (May Day), and over 30 other observations closely related to family, health and unity!  Oh, and did I mention my eldest sister’s birthday … Smile?  It is certainly no wonder that I feel such a strong sense of purpose and optimism during this magical month!

However even more magical in contemplation is the driving force behind my everyday existence – my Family.  More than just a part of a month, the love, safety, happiness, well-being, and security of and for my family is my number one priority.  I am certain that it is my upbringing, my foundation that has given me this incredible desire to love so deeply and so genuinely.  So, as I proceed through life, I would really like to focus on accomplishing two tasks in terms of my family. 

The first would be to give continuous praise, thanks, encouragement, and support to my biological family.  Ours is a rich history of nurturers, educators, helpers, healers and strengtheners.  We are courageous in our efforts to establish, maintain, renew and replenish our ties that bind.  We invoke and expect growth and harmony.  We offer love, inclusion, acceptance and tolerance, even during the most difficult of times.  Thus we are ‘positively’ affected by adversity, demonstrating the skills required to overcome the many obstacles of life. 

I’m so proud to have inherited my lineage and I’ll do what’s necessary to uphold, transfer, transmit and transcend this bounty!

Secondly, I would like to persuade others to connect and identify with the positive attributes of their families.  While we all have our own definition of ‘family’, I would hope and pray that you seek to promote all of the factors that contribute to their growth, well-being and happiness.  I would like to encourage you to have hope for them, regardless of their status and/or actions.  No matter how painful it may be watching your family inflict pain and negativity into their and your lives… just keep saying… and this too shall pass.  Remember the good times and know that whether this is your biological, church, school, social, work or any other type of family; the joyful times are always there.  We just have to be willing to see, acknowledge and uplift them. 

We are not perfect.  We all have moments of weakness, temporary failure, imperfections, doubt, longing … and the like.  But as a true commitment to you and your family, work hard to understand how to implement balance.  I am assured that this will help to create and maintain that unconditional love and loyalty that breeds love.  Yes, it is challenging but this is the stuff of which evolution is made.  Even after our loved ones are gone, our love for them continues to grow, evolve and even inspire.  So when life seems overwhelmingly daunting, think of how these feelings and experiences can translate into strength, passion, and growth for another family member. After all, our lives are for the benefit of others; why not bestow your blessings to family?  Finally, I spent May reminding myself of the importance of my families.  I have resolved that I Don’t ever want to be afraid, unwilling or too disinterested to enjoy, protect and promote my family. 

 Be Encouraged Family!   

Celebrate the Gift of Service

Happy Spring Fever Family!

Ahh!!! Spring, the season of renewal, restoration, re-creation, re-establishment!  But what does all of this mean to the world at large?  Well, while I can’t speak for the world, I can tell you what comes to my mind.  I know for me, it seems a time for shedding unnecessary pains, hindrances and baggage.  For me, it is a time to consider the brighter, more joyful possibilities of life as so many others are unable to do so.  Having recently celebrated my oldest daughter’s 21st Birthday and the Homegoing of one of youngest cousins, respectfully at age 17; I’ve become even more appreciative and eager to acknowledge the importance and greatness of service renewal and rejuvenation, as in dealing with such like parallels like those of a 21 year old and a 17 year old… one struggling to become and one relinquishing all that could’ve become.

As a community-based worker, providing social service training and coordination in and around SE, DC’s Ward 8 communities; I see and encounter so many instances of devastation and turmoil to children and families.  But thankfully, there are those that are able to respond to such circumstances.  We are blessed and most gifted to connect, support, address, nurture, heal and walk with those that are troubled, ailing, or just struggling to make a way in life.  Therefore, I am acknowledging that I am proud and thankful to be of service for it renews and restores my faith daily. 

I am reminded and thus ever mindful of my gifts which increases my determination to share them with those that are receptive.  So I will no longer give my pearls to pigs.  I am fearless now, unable to languish and sulk about and over circumstances, relationships and situations that are disagreeable.  So I will no longer listen to challenges without the hope of resolution.  I am vulnerable, but only to the extent that I seek and receive, speak and deliver truth.  I am a servant of service, openly willing to reach for my goals but wise enough to allow His words, not those of man, to order my steps!

I am growing, excelling and remembering that it is not a lone journey but one of shared experiences that will ultimately far exceed my lifetime.  So I am thankful for those of whom I’ve been blessed to share with in this journey.  You wouldn’t believe the old, new, re-established, presence… it’s got to be heaven sent.  It makes me appreciative of those that have embraced, carried and walked lovingly with me.  I also appreciate the education by those that shunned, judged and begrudged me.  I am stronger and definitely privileged each day, hour, minute and second that I am allowed to try again.

So whether we marvel at the Cherry Blossoms, debate the uncertainties of politics, experience changes or losses in families/friendships, plan our next excursion or re-invent our very existence; let’s remember the importance of the ‘Journey of Service’ and the gift of sharing one’s self.  Check on your local service providers, your colleagues, educators, mentors and social service helpers.  Volunteer at a school, nursing home, church or any non-profit human/social service agency or organization.  There’s no need for death, destruction, turmoil and turbulence to remain our guiding principles to demonstrate human empathy and connectivity towards one another, but if that’s what it takes… respond accordingly. 

 Opportunities are abound each and every day, for friend or foe, a stranger or someone we know… let your light shine and feed a soul… because there’s so much greatness, through genuinely giving, for us all to uplift and  behold.

Peace and Blessings!



Happy New Year and Happy 21st Century!!!!

Welcome to a New Year of hope, change and potential.  See… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Unfortunately, some of society is struggling to embrace such concepts and ideals.  While I am known to be a ‘happy-go-lucky’ person or the epitome of optimism – I’m also a realist.  As such, if I can see what’s happening, I’m sure ALL of America can surely see it too!

I’m certain that the arrival of our first African-American President was not enough to dispel all of the issues and concerns within our massive world.  So, the status of the economy, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, crime, terrorists’ regimes, high school drop-outs, teen pregnancy, abuse/neglect, declining race relations and on, and on, and on does not magically disappear due to the presence of ANY newly elected official. 

So as a realist, with a sunny disposition; I’d like to impart conscientious awareness through simple conversation and suggestion!  So far this year, it is obvious that race, religion power, secrets, deciet, greed and domination has over-shadowed humankind. 

  •  Discomforting conversations about interracial relationships currently dominate the work place, internet, schools and other public and private forums as people express not only a lack of historical context and understanding about race relations but also a lack of tolerance for diversity and integration.   
  •  Bus advertisements, history channels, households, churches, and other institutions indoctrinate the rejection and/or acceptance of particular religious affiliations to include their pluses and minuses based solely on their personal prejudices and/or motives.
  •  Public officials are tapped on the wrist, glorified and lectured about their abilities to misuse and disrespect power, people and authority.  They minimize the importance and honor of whom and what they are elected to serve. 
  •  Public exposure has now become a means of political/personal attack that are non-productive attack as opposed to a gateway for truth and transparency or to promote justice or respect.  So the media, of all types, shapes and sizes continue to intrude, evade, support, and tear-down lives for ratings and self righteous taunting – only promoting the beliefs, values and morals of their station owners or their self-vested interests. 

While all of this chess-playing is occurring, poverty grows, uneducated urban children multiply, youth-on-youth crime expands, child maltreatment and neglect is dumbed down for numbers and alcoholism and mental health disorders take second class seats to politics. 

I know … what a blower!  I suggest the use of some serious introspection about who we are individually and collectively.  I strongly suggest that we spend some time understanding our motives, philosophies, purpose and place in this madness.  If we are ONLY able to ban together  to offer relief to the poor after a disaster, or fight for civil rights after a gross violation has occurred, or give attention to any situation because it has been ‘Forced’ upon us – who are we as a human race?

Let’s be real about the true nature of our depth to care.  We have the capacity to do, be and give so much more time, knowledge, resources, patience and love.  Selfishness, self-absorbed, self-righteous and self-indulgent tendencies will only preserve and promote punishment, deceit and dishonesty and we’ve had enough of that!  See… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Happy Winter Love!

It is with great pleasure that I compose my final blog for the year 2009! Who would have thought this time last year that I would have the courage to make such a public appearance as to become a writer on the worldwide web! For some, this would seem only natural for me, while for me; it was one of the gutsiest things I’ve done so far. I know that I’m opinionated and wordy however I also know how comfortable I’d become within my regular circle of peers, family and friends. However, this year, I have experienced a wealth of growth through family, work, friends, school, and life in general and I realize that it’s just the beginning!

Internally, I have learned to listen quietly to my spirit. It increases my abilities to make amends with my own shortcomings, define more clearly what I require as a human, a woman, a lover and a friend, and release the fears so genuinely connected to change and expressions of change. Externally, I’ve learned that my ability to shine is a treasured gift. What is seen externally is a reflection of my internal peace and thirst for purpose. It is not to be stifled, subdued or depreciated in order to appease others. Professionally and Educationally, I have learned to fine tune my gifts of and for service. My professional and educational growth is not for my benefit only but for a much greater cause. As my Maker gave these gifts to me, He fully expects me to allow them to work through me. I humbly accept this charge and will continue to seek out new, creative and positive ways and people by which to teach, learn and inspire. Most importantly, I have grown Spiritually; requiring me to express more of emotional and realistic self.  As such, I speak genuinely, empathetically but honestly to those in and closest to my heart. I remind myself of my goal to depend on my faith and not my mortal counterparts that require the same as I. I am inspired to relinquish my resentment towards disappointments and setbacks thus understanding my own false sense of purpose and pride sometimes. I push myself to live by and promote self-worthiness, self-investment, integrity, expansion and transference to and for one another.

This has definitely been a year of self-realization; I am standing up for my own beliefs, chasing my own dreams, understanding my fears, desires, and needs and inviting anyone that’s interested to come along for the continuum!


P. S. Look out for the ClinicallySpeaking website coming this February as a spin off to my private consulting firm. Continue to check out the links and let me know if there’s other information that may be of benefit!

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