There’s Freedom in Faith!

     September has blessed me again with the opportunity to contemplate and look forward to yet another year of growth, love, life and happiness.  I wrote a blog in August with every intention on posting it for August.  The powers that be deterred me from publishing it for a reason.  While I can’t clearly over-stand it enough to explain, I’m going to still give thanks.  It’s my faith that tells me to listen and since Faith continues to unleash blessings upon me and mine, like safety, security, love, renewal, progression, and much more, I’m awfully glad I continue to listen.

 For the Love of Life…Have, Keep & Give Thanks for YOUR Faith!

The past couple of months have been crazy weird for everyone!  I’m not speaking of natural disasters, loss, or some freak incident, but simply in our everyday lives.  In my opinion, our daily experiences, unexpected changes, serendipitous occurrences, etc., all speak to the small element of control that we have, yet have not.  As such, and thankfully so, Faith has long since become my saving grace.  Faith encourages me to be brave in the midst of uncertainty.  Having answers may not always settle my head and/or my heart however knowing that I am important enough to be cared for by my loved ones gives me a certain sense of genuine security like nothing else I’ve experienced. 

Faith protects me from the fears of persons, places and things unknown.  I have grown to relinquish suspicion, sabotage, trickery, deceit and false pretense in the name of Faith.  I need not be prepared to defend myself for I know not what comes, just that I’m already protected.  Therefore, I make a commitment to be and seek out transparent relationships in the name of Faith.  I am aware that even with a vision — needs, times, people and circumstances will change.  It’s possible that the chaos is not in the change that is occurring.  May be the chaos stems from the lack of Faith that some have with experiencing the changes that are occurring.  As a result, we may tend to question, negatively associate, gravitate towards angst, or seek to disprove elements of change. 

Embracing change is definitely a Faithful act and is cyclic to providing a gateway to inclusion, respect, understanding, resolution and tolerance.  Change and Faith then become intertwined and only if we’re listening can Faith in Change provide HOPE.  Hope for better times, better days, better circumstances, better actions, better outcomes, and better feelings.  Faith in the graces, faces, places and times of change can offer a lifelong blessing of Hope and Healing.  Faith allows us to relinquish blame, shame and game.  Faith allows us to be empowered and enhanced by spiritual beliefs of which worldly beliefs cannot compare or measure up to.  Faith allows freedom of thought and movement that beholden us to an entity not comparable to humans — to each other. 

It is my Faith that keeps me thankful and appreciative for positive and negative experiences of change.  I meditate and request the same for my loved ones, always in Hope and Healing for the Love of Life.



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