Celebrate the Gift of Service

Happy Spring Fever Family!

Ahh!!! Spring, the season of renewal, restoration, re-creation, re-establishment!  But what does all of this mean to the world at large?  Well, while I can’t speak for the world, I can tell you what comes to my mind.  I know for me, it seems a time for shedding unnecessary pains, hindrances and baggage.  For me, it is a time to consider the brighter, more joyful possibilities of life as so many others are unable to do so.  Having recently celebrated my oldest daughter’s 21st Birthday and the Homegoing of one of youngest cousins, respectfully at age 17; I’ve become even more appreciative and eager to acknowledge the importance and greatness of service renewal and rejuvenation, as in dealing with such like parallels like those of a 21 year old and a 17 year old… one struggling to become and one relinquishing all that could’ve become.

As a community-based worker, providing social service training and coordination in and around SE, DC’s Ward 8 communities; I see and encounter so many instances of devastation and turmoil to children and families.  But thankfully, there are those that are able to respond to such circumstances.  We are blessed and most gifted to connect, support, address, nurture, heal and walk with those that are troubled, ailing, or just struggling to make a way in life.  Therefore, I am acknowledging that I am proud and thankful to be of service for it renews and restores my faith daily. 

I am reminded and thus ever mindful of my gifts which increases my determination to share them with those that are receptive.  So I will no longer give my pearls to pigs.  I am fearless now, unable to languish and sulk about and over circumstances, relationships and situations that are disagreeable.  So I will no longer listen to challenges without the hope of resolution.  I am vulnerable, but only to the extent that I seek and receive, speak and deliver truth.  I am a servant of service, openly willing to reach for my goals but wise enough to allow His words, not those of man, to order my steps!

I am growing, excelling and remembering that it is not a lone journey but one of shared experiences that will ultimately far exceed my lifetime.  So I am thankful for those of whom I’ve been blessed to share with in this journey.  You wouldn’t believe the old, new, re-established, presence… it’s got to be heaven sent.  It makes me appreciative of those that have embraced, carried and walked lovingly with me.  I also appreciate the education by those that shunned, judged and begrudged me.  I am stronger and definitely privileged each day, hour, minute and second that I am allowed to try again.

So whether we marvel at the Cherry Blossoms, debate the uncertainties of politics, experience changes or losses in families/friendships, plan our next excursion or re-invent our very existence; let’s remember the importance of the ‘Journey of Service’ and the gift of sharing one’s self.  Check on your local service providers, your colleagues, educators, mentors and social service helpers.  Volunteer at a school, nursing home, church or any non-profit human/social service agency or organization.  There’s no need for death, destruction, turmoil and turbulence to remain our guiding principles to demonstrate human empathy and connectivity towards one another, but if that’s what it takes… respond accordingly. 

 Opportunities are abound each and every day, for friend or foe, a stranger or someone we know… let your light shine and feed a soul… because there’s so much greatness, through genuinely giving, for us all to uplift and  behold.

Peace and Blessings!



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  1. Anonymous said,

    June 15, 2011 at 1:22 am

    I may not be near you physically, but through your work and spirit, we are closer than you know. Ashaboo loved “Claudine.”

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