Happy Winter Love!

It is with great pleasure that I compose my final blog for the year 2009! Who would have thought this time last year that I would have the courage to make such a public appearance as to become a writer on the worldwide web! For some, this would seem only natural for me, while for me; it was one of the gutsiest things I’ve done so far. I know that I’m opinionated and wordy however I also know how comfortable I’d become within my regular circle of peers, family and friends. However, this year, I have experienced a wealth of growth through family, work, friends, school, and life in general and I realize that it’s just the beginning!

Internally, I have learned to listen quietly to my spirit. It increases my abilities to make amends with my own shortcomings, define more clearly what I require as a human, a woman, a lover and a friend, and release the fears so genuinely connected to change and expressions of change. Externally, I’ve learned that my ability to shine is a treasured gift. What is seen externally is a reflection of my internal peace and thirst for purpose. It is not to be stifled, subdued or depreciated in order to appease others. Professionally and Educationally, I have learned to fine tune my gifts of and for service. My professional and educational growth is not for my benefit only but for a much greater cause. As my Maker gave these gifts to me, He fully expects me to allow them to work through me. I humbly accept this charge and will continue to seek out new, creative and positive ways and people by which to teach, learn and inspire. Most importantly, I have grown Spiritually; requiring me to express more of emotional and realistic self.  As such, I speak genuinely, empathetically but honestly to those in and closest to my heart. I remind myself of my goal to depend on my faith and not my mortal counterparts that require the same as I. I am inspired to relinquish my resentment towards disappointments and setbacks thus understanding my own false sense of purpose and pride sometimes. I push myself to live by and promote self-worthiness, self-investment, integrity, expansion and transference to and for one another.

This has definitely been a year of self-realization; I am standing up for my own beliefs, chasing my own dreams, understanding my fears, desires, and needs and inviting anyone that’s interested to come along for the continuum!


P. S. Look out for the ClinicallySpeaking website coming this February as a spin off to my private consulting firm. Continue to check out the links and let me know if there’s other information that may be of benefit!