I must bid you all greetings again and again!

Summer is swiftly leaving us and it’s time to get back to business!  For some of us, business never stops.  In addition, new business is created and the expectations continue to increase.  It is always with due diligence that I think of September with its freshness and new beginnings. 

This is also the month of my birthday.  As I’ll be turning 40, I do intend to attempt to provide you with something special and most likley more personal.  I attempted to engage some parents in conversation about children, systems and the correlation of such as well as the emotional aspects of such as was not met with much success. 

However, I’m a parent, experiencing a turning point not only in my life but the lives of those around me.  Please stay tuned as my break has been a time of gathering strength! 

Peace and Blessings and don’t forget… check out the links and thanks to those who always manage to find time to support and encourage.