Wake Up Family! (con’t.) Parental Rites of Passage

I’m back family!

As promised, I’ve begun compiling the Parent Surveys.  Please fell free to take a look, the responses are very interesting and in the name of journaling, I’ve decided to leave out the gender of the respondents until after all of the surveys have been accumulated.  Please feel free to comment and continue to add life to this conversation!

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Time to shoo that fog away and re-visit some of our mainstays.  It seems as if the recreational forefront has arrived and we’re all ready to play, especially ME!  

Please forgive my lack of vision and possibly vulnerability, as I could have featured a story for Mother’s/Father’s Day …..  You know … something to resonant the value, importance, urgency and love of relationships in this light! 

Instead, I think I’ll play the devils advocate this month and do just the opposite!  I’d like to highlight the vast differences and hardships in parent/child relationships.  Not because I’m negative and have nothing better to do.  Quite the opposite! 

I’d like to polarize how adversity, fear, failure, and change can promote growth, strength, resilience, and a host of other intricate family dynamics.  I’d like to visit the micro-impact of  some if not all of these elements. 

Most importantly, I’d like for us to explore the need to seek a new plateau by which we can build, maintain and nourish our parent/child relationships and the systems around them.  It is apparent that in too many instances, our inability to explore these areas have a much greater impact on our society, primarily negative. 

I’d like to acknowledge that without these elements of storm and pain, we just maintain the status quo.  Moving through our relationships and not within them.  Not evoking thought, accountability, change, contribution, honor, courage!  Wow, the list goes on … And who does this help? 

This lack of nourishment in parent/child & family relationships … helps the predators, neglectors, maltreaters, abusers, exploiters, you name it!  Without open, honest and thought-provoking conversations, challenges, pains, observations, commitment; how will growth evolve … how does Heaven touch Earth… Male touch Female … Good touch Bad… Highs touch Lows… you get it!

 These questions definitely indicate that the ‘How’ is really the link!  So  ……………

Check out the links… they’ll be forthcoming this month from many perspectives, people and disciplines.  Let’s communicate, talk, touch and grow together! 

Be well!