Getting Up or Rising Down! ¡

Hello everyone and how was April?  You know, the initiation of a ‘plethora’ of activities has just begun; Easter, Spring Break, Cherry Blossoms, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and it never stops!  Hopefully, we are taking time to process and breathe as we move through the year.  I know so far, my transitions are wild right about now; good, bad and indifferent  … but I’m sure I’m not alone… & I feel good!!

 Back to business…. From previous blogs, you guys got the quick and dirty on the history of human and social services.  You’ve even read testimonials from participants, me included.  Truthfully, I was hoping to get more responses; good, bad and indifferent however I realize that’s going to take time as this puppy is new, you know!  So, how are we doing today – how do we fare in the human/social service’s arena in the 21st Century? 

 Hence, when is enough, enough and why aren’t some TANF families doing what they have to do to establish and sustain their households especially during this time of great economic strain??!!

 Many D. C. residents are plagued and troubled by the attitude that some TANF recipients live as if government and/or private organizations are responsible for their rent and utility bills when many of them possess the skills and capabilities to be self-sufficient. 

Where does this sense of entitlement stem from and what is the best course of action for human/social service providers to collectively address these concerns?

 Just general and basic common sense would indicate, that if a family or participant chooses to continuously resort to any other entity besides their own self-sufficiency, to pay their bills on a regular; that there are some issues.  Unfortunately, some human/social service agencies/orgs., schools, churches, families, etc., ignore signs and symptoms of abuse/neglect, fraud, and many other parasites that not only harm and injury society, but the economy as well.  As they are by no means of comparison, there is definitely great correlation.  So why is it ignored with so many detrimental outcomes?  Children, minorities, handicapped, mentally ill, all impacted, along with the funding for such.  Whether by choice or by force, what’s really good?  Well, I’m not even going to get on my soap-box… it’s not necessary, the recession is heavy enough! 

Check out the links to your left for in-depth information; Good info, that’s why they’re there!   Smile … Peace and Blessings! 

April/May Trivia:

Who is responsible for this trivia quote and what impact does it have on social services providers and participants?

“There is really a need for more education and more involvement regarding the issue of domestic violence on the police level, the social service level and the community level.”